Friday, 4 December 2009

Louis RIP

How do you tell a four year old that the cat is dead? One that has been there all her life? The other one, Ella, died just a few weeks before she was born

Well, I got books out of the library, read them to her and then explained that Louis was old and had not been well. She could easily relate to the characters in the books.

She understands that Louis is dead, she wondered if he was coming back at first but I reminded her that he was dead. She talks about him doing things in the book. I wish there was a book in the library about a cat dying but there were two about dogs and one about a bear, so I got them all out.

I dug a big hole in the front  garden this morning to bury him. Then she watched me as I dug a bit more of it out this afternoon and then we fetched his body from the back garden. I didn't have the stomach to take him out of the bin liner, in case it wasn't a pretty sight. But it would probably have been ok as it was only about 36 hours and it's been VERY cold. So he felt frozen. But I wish I'd taken him out the bag to let him go to the earth quickly.....

I was just too scared she would be traumatised even slightly by seeing his body...

Silly me.

We talked about how much we loved him, that we were sad and would miss him, but that we were happy he was off chasing mice and rabbits in Heaven, that he was no longer unwell and that we knew he was happy. He no longer needed his body so we were putting it in the ground where he would be safe and warm.

So he is buried across the path from  

Ella, RIP 18/05/05 (estimated birth date 06/05/96)

Louis RIP 03/12/09 (birth date 06/05/98)

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